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Surface Modeling
Nesting and Technical Documentation
Shell seams and stringers loading
Structural model definition
Shell Plates Expanson
Definition of Structural Parts
Nesting for Numerical Control cutting
Approval and  Assembly drawings
Shell plates and Stringers Bending
Templates and Pinjigs
Part List and Stiffners List
Shapes for VTR buildings
Nurbs Surfaces perfectly faired
Modeling virtually any detail
Delivery of shaded images and 2D  
sketches to verify the matching
2D Body plan generation
Handling model for sending to 3/5 axis  
numerical control or 3D printing
Indoor and Outdoor Renderings
Real Environment outdoors or  
"Studio" outdoors
Extremely Realistic Illumination  
and Materials
Insertion in Real Photos
Composition of Posters
Training Courses
Training about 2D & 3D CAD, Rendering
Training about marine - specialistic CAD
Generic CAD training
Marine specific training
Training for Training Agencies
Internal training for companies
Training for single managers or fre-lancers, and students

Experience coming from daily software application
Communication and teaching skills