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Since 1994, Mario Ghilardi supplies shipyards and marine  
enginnering offices with the full detailed documentation for  
shipbuilding, working with the aim of providing the clients  
attention, excellence, reliability, and the costant search of  
innovative solutions and processes.
Some of Our Customers
CLM - Naval Technical Office
BSD - Shipyard
Euroyacht - Shipyard
Gianetti - Shipyard
Abati - Shipyard
CSA - Training Agency
Member of:
From surface modeling to nesting through  
3D structural solid model and rendering,  
the full list of services provided to  
shipyards and technical offices.
A brief overview of some projects that
qualifies the full range of services.
Since 1994, the list of the most important
shipyards, engineering and archtiectural
office and training agencies we workd